we’re here to help you manifest abundance

Here’s something we really want you to know:

You CAN have the prosperous life you’re searching for.

You CAN have the wonderful clients and income that you desire.

There IS a way to turn your business into a money-making machine while keeping you happy, pressure-free and joyful.

We’re Naveed & Sonika, and we’re so honored and excited that you’re here!

If you’re looking to create a life and business full of love, alignment and abundance then you’re in the right place!

Manifestation Magic was built on the idea of a magical universe. A place where your imagination truly takes on the tone of reality, a place where you are worthy just by being true to who you are.

You are always safe to be you, and you can find abundance and joy by following your heart – always.

we can help you…

De-clutter your mind (and environment) so you can finally hear your inner voice.

Take ONLY heart-aligned action to create maximum manifestation results.

Lift the veil between dimensions and begin to see this as a fluid universe that you can manipulate.

Re-discover the magic in your life and live in future possibilities.

Tune into your intuition more and more to create easy quantum leaps.

Learn how to trust your heart in the process.

Understand manifestation and how it works by creating the right method for YOU.

Discover any stories or fears you have around certain things and re-write them.

Knock your money-manifesting + sales abilities out of the park!

Create meaningful relationships with clients so they keep paying you.

Create a business that you can run from anywhere and build freedom.

Build major confidence that attracts literally every perfect client to you.

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– Work through your limiting money beliefs

– Establish a goal that fits just right (you’d be surprised at the difference this makes!)

– Create and commit to a mindset routine that seriously creates transformation in a big way.

– Establish and reprogram a brand new self-image that creates quick results!




– Unveil your true genius and turn it into a powerful brand.

– Establish your core values that you will refer to when feel lost.

– Define your message and your energetic boundaries.

– Re-visit your mindset and work through any new limiting beliefs.




– Decide on an offer/tweak an offer you already have to match your new self-image.

– Create a signature strategy that matches your boundaries and desires so that you truly commit from the right place.

– Launch/Re-launch your offer into the market

– Tackle any limiting beliefs that arise at this point.




– Unlock your personal powerful sales technique

– Begin to work with clients and practice selling consistently.

– Build your sales confidence and attract qualified clients.

– Master your sales conversions and release limitations.




– At this point you will have achieved at least $10K months – now we go even bigger.

– Understand your relationship to money and how to create consistency in manifesting it.

– Work on leveraging your time and automating your business so you create massive passive income.




– Money makes you free – NOT happy. You will learn how to not fall pray to your ego as you earn, and continue to work from the heart.

– Learn advanced meditation/relaxation techniques that truly speed up manifestation.

– Spread your manifestation power to your health, relationships, and more.

– Become a complete master at manifestation.

coaching investment

6-Month Transformation


apply for a discovery session

This discovery call is for us to see if we are good fit to work together over the next six months.

what’s included:

-> WEEKLY PRIVATE PHONE SESSIONS FOR 6 MONTHS to transform your mindset, manifest major money in your business and master manifestation..

-> UNLIMITED VOXER/FB MESSENGER ACCESS for the entire period of your coaching to keep you committed to your new reality.

-> FREE ACCESS TO OUR COURSE: Spirit of Money (valued at $3,500) This course has over 50 powerful trainings that can take you from zero to abundance in no time!

Working with Sonika and Naveed in their Money Mastermind program was one of the BEST decisions I made in 2018! I gained so much from their program! They really teach from the heart and what I love about this power couple is that they LIVE what they teach.

Thank you Naveed and Sonika !!! What you guys teach is so real! I came into this program with a business that I was JUST getting started! I had so many fears and doubts to work through! It took me an ENTIRE month after joining this program to finally take the leap! I have not done any massive marketing. I just do what feels right. I have no website, no previous results, etc.

The one thing that has stuck with me is when Naveed and Sonika talk about getting your energy behind what you’re doing. That’s all I’ve been focusing on along with taken inspired action. I set the intention last week to have a my first 1k client! And it happened TODAY less than one week later! This is the first of many! I know I’m quiet but I take in EVERYTHING. Thank you ALL so very much! I highly recommend doing whatever you can to work with them. Your life will be changed forever! Yolanda Battle

Battleworld Marketing

One of the best decision I made in my life was when I chose Sonika and Naveed as my mentors, I had the opportunity to work with them in the Mastermind group.

They opened the door for my next level in life. They were the missing piece for my self development process. Thank you! Heidy Or-Lo

I went from a 16 year teaching career to international best seller in less than a year with the help of mentors, sponsors, publishers, editors, designers, and reputable people in the book world  who endorsed The Cappuccino Chronicles series; including a former anchor from CNN and CNBC as well as a NY Times best selling author.  Without a highly supportive team, my dream of becoming a published author would have never come to fruition.I finally have discovered how to make it all happen.

I met Sonika and Naveed who helped me too see that time is an illusion and magic happens when you actually believe. They were one of the first people who made me see that everything around me was a manifestation of what I was thinking. So I shifted my mindset and decided to go with a route that made sense in my imagination and it was magic fusing with reality. My soul was telling me to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer and to just go for it. I remember Naveed telling me to take the leap and not worry about my outside circumstances and through writing my books, other avenues would open up for me. And they sure did.

When I left my job I was taking a big risk. And Sonika was there to tell me to keep a check on my frequency and thoughts. When she asked “what do you really want?” I said I wanted to help other writers see that taking the opportunity to write was a fruitful endeavor. So, I left the past behind and launched The Cappuccino Chronicles Online Author’s Office, which was the brainchild of a team of like minded individuals who want to help aspiring authors to write and get published.

My philosophy is , If I can do it, so can anyone. Becoming an international best seller is a dream come true and I have Sonika and Naveed to thank for helping to guide me through the process.  I am traveling around the world with my book and work and sincerely feeling the “international sensation.” This dynamic duo gave me the fire to pursue my life long dream to write, and become a business woman assisting other authors soar. Thank you dynamic duo! You rock!!! Pashmina Reis De Souza

International Best-Selling Author & Writing Mentor, The Cappuccino Chronicles

I’ve been working with Naveed for just over three weeks now and already my whole life has done a complete turnaround.  Today, in one day, I earned more money than I used to in one month. I am eternally grateful for his help, do what he says and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. I’ve earned over $35,000 NZD in my first month of working with them. James O'Meeghan


coaching investment

6-Month Transformation


apply for a discovery session

This discovery call is for us to see if we are good fit to work together over the next six months.

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