A Powerful Scientific Formula To
Manifest Wealth & Money

A 6 Month Blueprint To Help You Create Your
Luxuriously Rich Life – And Fast.

Luxury means having more than enough. It also means knowing you will always have more than enough. This is extremely powerful.

This program combines a triad of wisdom:


‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’


‘Power of Awareness’


‘Science of Getting Rich’


We have cracked the code to helping you powerfully and intentionally manifest the abundance of wealth you have always been seeking.

We combine energetic manifestation strategies with scientific action to GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS.

Manifestation is based on the very real laws of the Universe that we live by today; and you do live by them whether you realize it or not. Scientific action implies something that is tried and true – this means it has WORKED for people in the past, and continues to work today.

Why does this matter? Because without intention and measurable results from a tested process… your riches will never be predictable.

Predictable income means you are never left wondering if riches will come.
They always will – and you know it.


Never having to say no to a desire because you always have more than enough.

Never being afraid if money will show up because it’s already guaranteed.

A money manifestation and attraction process that you can use for absolutely ANY GOAL.

Taking effortless action that creates massive riches in return.

Never again feeling confused, lost or burnt out.

Accumulating riches in six months that you couldn’t even imagine having in years.


Every single person wants to be free. They want to get rich. They feel like they are here to do more than they are able to do.

Acquiring riches the right way means you NEVER have to think about money again. You can finally help those you want to help. You can finally spend time with your family. You can finally travel the world.

Because money is finally a predictable thing in your world. It just keeps coming. It’s science.

In this 6 month program we will:

Give you a POWERFUL 15-minute a day strategy that has been surpassing our expectations. This strategy includes DAILY 5 minute audios that lead you step by step for six months to your riches. These audios are absolute GOLD. That’s 180 audio trainings!

24 PRIVATE coaching calls via phone or skype spread out every single week to move you through limitations and absolutely skyrocket your results.

We support you 100% of the time outside the community and private calls through UNLIMITED voice coaching access to through the Voxer app whenever you need it. 24/7. Yep.

GUARANTEE your getting rich through a powerful accountability system which will help us KNOW you are on track. We will literally watch your progress! Accountability is a success insurance policy. Afraid you won’t keep up? DON’T BE. We’ve got you covered!

An exclusive clients-only community where you get FREE access to SPECIAL live calls, lifetime support after the program and first access to brand new money-manifesting content for LIFE.

You get free access to our Power Without Pressure course; A BONUS program to help you build your DREAM business (even if you don’t have one yet!) AND free access to our Follow The White Rabbit course to MASTER your intuition and speed up your manifestation!




Remember what we said about the power of intention: It’s the difference between random money manifestation and PREDICTABLE RICHES.

For the first month we will work on intention, gratitude, awareness and visualization to get you SUPER clear on your aim for the next six months, as well as over the first 30 days. You will begin to see quick, instant results the first month itself. Clients have manifested thousands of dollars in the first 30 days of working with us.




In month two we will begin to educate you on the laws of the Universe, and help you TRULY understand how you are ALREADY working with them. Very quickly you will begin to see how your thoughts have created your reality, and you will begin to reprogram your mind to THINK differently via Wallace Wattle’s principles in ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

When you THINK differently, you BEHAVE differently. Your world MUST change to match the new you.





We dive deep into your money paradigms and programming and begin to cleanse you of ALL your limiting beliefs. We adopt Neville’s concept of the power of assumption and help you see the identity that you have created for yourself.

We will then begin to shed this old identity and COMMIT to a new one, through a daily DISCIPLINED routine, so you begin attracting riches to you in NO TIME.




We are VERY big on SIMPLICITY AND FOCUS. Without focus you have nothing but a bunch of methods that haven’t been given a fair chance to produce any kind of significant result.

You will TAKE CONTROL of your mind this month with Joseph Murphy’s laws of the subconscious, and DIRECT your power into what you WANT, instead of what you don’t want. Time will become nothing more than an illusion and you will create massive quantum leaps in your riches in a very short time.




This month we will combine Neville’s effortless action with Wallace Wattles’ efficient action, while guaranteeing your success with Murphy’s repetition. This is extremely powerful. You will begin to see AMAZING results from just the tiniest actions in a very short period of time. Feeling burnt out or overworked for very little money will become a thing of the past.

Expect clients to flock to you, and big opportunities to show up out of nowhere.




In our final month together, you will learn to completely EMBODY the role of a wealthy person. You will adopt the attitude and persistence of a wealthy person, as well as understand YOUR role in co-creating with the universe.

You will serve others with the impression of increase and build solid long term relationships with others as a LEADER instead of a FOLLOWER. You will advance rapidly towards your next goals because you have attracted so many resources to help you create riches quickly.


Through a 15 minute proven strategy backed by teachings of wealth manifestation masters like Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy and Wallace Wattles, including visualization and 5-minute audios,  an air-tight accountability system, along with a supercharged intention, you are guaranteeing your success inside the Luxuriously Rich Academy.


You will have created massive, predictable income in your business. This will allow free time to travel, spend with family, donate to the causes that you are highly passionate about, and begin to introduce LUXURY into your world.

We desire luxury in all things, especially time and money; because luxury means having more than enough.

The only way to have luxury of time, is to have the luxury of money. And we help you with BOTH.

We have designed this program so you are only committing 15 minutes a day to the work inside the Academy, while being held accountable every single day through our system (you won’t even know we’re doing it!)

You have 24/7 access to us via Voxer coaching at your convenience whenever you need some insight, and our 45-minute private coaching calls at the end of each week help review the past week, while setting you up for success the following week.

The special repetitions within each audio as well as through the live coaching will reprogram your mind for success with content from Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy and Wallace Wattles, bringing you the best money manifestation teachings that have created wealth for millions around the world.


Working with Sonika and Naveed was one of the BEST decisions I made in 2018! I gained so much from their program! They really teach from the heart and what I love about this power couple is that they LIVE what they teach.

Thank you Naveed and Sonika !!! What you guys teach is so real! I came into this program with a business that I was JUST getting started! I had so many fears and doubts to work through! It took me an ENTIRE month after joining this program to finally take the leap! I have not done any massive marketing. I just do what feels right. I have no website, no previous results, etc.

The one thing that has stuck with me is when Naveed and Sonika talk about getting your energy behind what you’re doing. That’s all I’ve been focusing on along with taken inspired action. I set the intention last week to have a my first 1k client! And it happened TODAY less than one week later! This is the first of many! I know I’m quiet but I take in EVERYTHING. Thank you ALL so very much! I highly recommend doing whatever you can to work with them. Your life will be changed forever!

Yolanda Battle

Battleworld Marketing

One of the best decision I made in my life was when I chose Sonika and Naveed as my mentors, I had the opportunity to work with them in the Mastermind group.

They opened the door for my next level in life. They were the missing piece for my self development process. Thank you!

Heidy Or-Lo

I went from a 16 year teaching career to international best seller in less than a year with the help of mentors, sponsors, publishers, editors, designers, and reputable people in the book world  who endorsed The Cappuccino Chronicles series; including a former anchor from CNN and CNBC as well as a NY Times best selling author.  Without a highly supportive team, my dream of becoming a published author would have never come to fruition.I finally have discovered how to make it all happen.

I met Sonika and Naveed who helped me too see that time is an illusion and magic happens when you actually believe. They were one of the first people who made me see that everything around me was a manifestation of what I was thinking. So I shifted my mindset and decided to go with a route that made sense in my imagination and it was magic fusing with reality. My soul was telling me to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer and to just go for it. I remember Naveed telling me to take the leap and not worry about my outside circumstances and through writing my books, other avenues would open up for me. And they sure did.

When I left my job I was taking a big risk. And Sonika was there to tell me to keep a check on my frequency and thoughts. When she asked “what do you really want?” I said I wanted to help other writers see that taking the opportunity to write was a fruitful endeavor. So, I left the past behind and launched The Cappuccino Chronicles Online Author’s Office, which was the brainchild of a team of like minded individuals who want to help aspiring authors to write and get published.

My philosophy is , If I can do it, so can anyone. Becoming an international best seller is a dream come true and I have Sonika and Naveed to thank for helping to guide me through the process.  I am traveling around the world with my book and work and sincerely feeling the “international sensation.” This dynamic duo gave me the fire to pursue my life long dream to write, and become a business woman assisting other authors soar. Thank you dynamic duo! You rock!!!

Pashmina Reis De Souza

International Best-Selling Author & Writing Mentor, The Cappuccino Chronicles

I’ve been working with Naveed for just over three weeks now and already my whole life has done a complete turnaround.  Today, in one day, I earned more money than I used to in one month. I am eternally grateful for his help, do what he says and your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. I’ve earned over $35,000 NZD in my first month of working with them.

James O'Meeghan


Naveed & Sonika have been working in the personal development industry since 2015.

They began their journey under the wing of one of the most phenomenal teachers in human potential: Bob Proctor.

After two years of massive success, hundreds of clients, a 1000% increase in business, achieving Amazon best-seller status, and hitting their multiple six-figure mark, they set off to create a business on their own, that fueled their soul.

Manifestation Magic was born in 2018, a movement that emphasizes every single person’s RIGHT to be RICH. They teach you how to attract riches through scientific universal laws, and powerful manifestation techniques that have created thousands of dollars for their clients in just a few months.

They have worked with entrepreneurs, coaches, makeup artists, YouTubers, real estate agents, doctors, healers, teachers, authors, children, marketers and employees, helping them truly step into their bliss and create a fulfilling life in all areas.

There is no virtue in poverty; it is a disease like any other mental disease. If you were physically ill, you would think there was something wrong with you. You would seek help and do something about the condition at once. Likewise, if you do not have money constantly circulating in your life, there is something radically wrong with you.

– Dr. Joseph Murphy

Sometimes we resist the big numbers…

Because we are afraid of the things we might need to do to get there. We are afraid to let go of the comfort of where we are now for something (even though bigger and better) will cause us to change who we are.

What if your journey to millions was natural?

When you begin your transformation in the Academy, your journey will be MORE beautiful than the result itself. The powerful way that we have created to reprogram your mind will lead you to HEART-ALIGNED decisions and opportunities; this means you won’t have to rub shoulders at events you don’t like, or speak to 1000 people before you get a sale. All the right money and opportunities… will come to YOU.


Are you ready to manifest massive riches?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work?

This programmed is designed for the very serious, committed student who is ready to create massive riches in their lives. You will be emailed daily 15 minute powerful audios to listen to each morning before you begin your day, and we have a private coaching call once a week for six whole months. You also have unlimited access to us 24/7 via the Voxer app whenever you need it. As a booster, we gift you with an exclusive private community where you have access to special live trainings as well as our Power without Pressure bonus course to help you build your dream business!

Will the exercises take up a lot of time? What kind of exercises are they?

This course is designed over six months, and it will take you only 15 minutes a day. Aside from these 15 minutes, you will complete your usual mindset routine (hopefully you’re doing this already!) and taking action in your business as per usual. The effects of these 15 minutes will create a MASSIVE impact on your results because it will build a habit.

I really want to do this, but I've taken so many courses...

This course is LITERALLY based on science. It always works. It has worked in the past and it works today. We have created this course based on the principles of Neville Goddard and Wallace Wattles – this has created millions of dollars for our clients and ourselves in a very short period of time. Because this course is completely 100% aligned with the natural laws of the universe, you can’t get it wrong.

What kind of support will I receive?

LOTS! You will receive private coaching calls every single week, as well as unlimited voice coaching access to us whenever you need it. We have a brand new ‘Paid Members Only’ community where you will receive first access to brand new vlogs from us, special exclusive live Q&As just for this group and first access to future courses!

The super special thing about this course is the accountability. We have a way to know if you are on track or not, and we consider it our job to make sure you are committed to this process. Through this accountability, you will achieve greater results than ever before.

Guarantees and refunds?

You know how this works. If you do the work, you will get the results. We support you through this 100% and beyond like we do for all of our clients. We have never been asked for a refund by clients who have completed our courses the right way – ever. We don’t offer refunds once you have made the decision, which is why we offer a free consultation call to see if you are a good fit. If you do the work, you WILL see results in a very short period of time.

Have more questions? We're happy to help!

Email us at hello@themanifestationmagic.com and we’ll get you sorted!

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