Are you ready to manifest MASSIVE abundance into your life?

Imagine if  you could co-create with the Universe.

Imagine if  you could re-write your destiny.

…and design the life you’ve always wanted with your own power.

Your imagination is a colorful thing.

When the world goes quiet… you begin to dream.

And then you give up on those dreams every morning.

The little child in you lives in fear.

Fear of past failures…

Fear of what they will think…

Fear of whether they will laugh…

Fear of not being good enough…


It’s time to shine so bright, that they can’t help but look at you in awe.

You’re not okay with cowering in fear anymore.

You don’t want to settle for what you think you can have.

You want more.

And you’re so damn ready to receive it.


 The person who wants to live freely.

 The one who wants to build solid faith that they can have it all.

 The entrepreneur that wants to become a magnet to abundance.

 The soul that wants to co-create with the universe.

 The dreamer who is ready to show the world what they’ve got.

 The manifestor thats ready for abundance to be easy.

Get ready to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

The Content:

 PRE-WORK MODULE: Journal Prompts To Connect With Your True Self

  WEEK ONE: Align With Your Purpose – Set The Right Goal

 WEEK TWO: Earn On Your Own Terms – Screw The Rules

 WEEK THREE: Become A Fearless Warrior – Rise Above Limitations

 WEEK FOUR: Vibe At Your New Money Level – Manifest!

 WEEK FIVE: Embody The New, Abundant You – Shift Your Self-Image

 WEEK SIX: Rise Like A Phoenix From The Ashes & Claim Your Place

 BONUS MODULE: Open The Money Gates & Call It In

 BONUS CONTENT: Holiday Bundle with 9 Powerful Training Videos

 BONUS BUNDLE: Magic of Attitude (Audio Bundle Bonus)

The delivery:

 All modules are ready and recorded.

Each module lasts a week so you have time to work through it.

You will get immediate access to all modules.

Every module contains step-by-step content + powerful videos to help you manifest abundance

Private Facebook group for unlimited support

Lifetime access to all content and recordings.

In our early 20s we have successfully:

Earned high multiple six figures in our business in our first year

Attracted millions of dollars, that literally ‘showed up’ in our account

Attracted our million-dollar penthouse

Paid for a Mercedes, Lexus and Aston Martin

Achieved 150 high-paying clients

Absolutely mastered the art of selling on sales calls – like rock-solid status

Traveled via private jet

Learned how to attract random amounts of money for ANYTHING

You can have anything you desire.

Money does NOT come because of: webinars, email content, how many followers you have, whether or not you have great selling skills….

It comes BECAUSE: You are so dead-set and ALIGNED with the result you want, you are FOCUSED on creating this goal, you are following your heart, and you have perfected the power of visualizing your goal and removing resistance. Everyday.

Hi love! x

We’re Naveed & Sonika.

We are manifestation coaches, and we help
you rediscover your power and intuition
so you can manifest more abundance, clients,
love and happiness… the easy way.

At the age of 26, we are living our million-dollar dream, running an amazing business and life of freedom.

Manifestation can seem really hard when not done right.

So many people are just ONE emotional block away from their dreams… and it’s our job to help you rediscover the magic and create a life that you absolutely love and ADORE.

We’re going to help you eliminate the 3D illusion, believe in magic a little more, and manifest the 5D way.

It is our soul purpose to see you enjoy life again.

To see you enjoy your business again – that’s why you started it in the first place right?

Get Ready To:

Earn more money in a calm, beautiful way
Drown out the noise of the people that say you can’t do it
Step into your truth and perfect your message
Build a 100% soulful, authentic brand
Become a match for your money goals
Create something you’ve never created
Make money an easy part of your everyday life
Have MAJOR fun in your business
Watch every dream come true with elegance/beauty/faith.

Overview of what’s included:


Everything from setting goals to shifting your money blueprint.


These specific journal prompts have been used by us to sell out our courses!


Lifetime access to our support inside our free Facebook community.


Open the Money Gates & Call It In bonus module to help you more money!


This audio bundle bonus will help you create a massive paradigm shift!


TEN free video trainings on manifestation and the law of attraction!

What people are saying…

Omg Are You Ready?

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What if I'm not an entrepreneur? Is this for me?
Omg YES! This is about truly evolving into the best version of yourself, and those inside the course who didn’t come in with a clear purpose were still able to attract and manifest massive abundance! It doesn’t matter whether you have a job or a business, this is for you.
I'm super busy. will i have time to work on the course?
Absolutely. We deliver the modules on a weekly basis so you have plenty of time to catch up – but in the event that you need to take breaks, everything is yours for life so you can choose when to begin. You’ll probably end up going through it more than once!
Is there a payment plan available?
YES. We love payment plans! You’ll find them in the investment section of this page.
what can i expect from this course?
Our intention with this course is to help you truly embody abundance and call it into your life. You will find an amazing group full of people who are truly making it happen!
What is your refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of this course, we don’t offer refunds.
Can you guarantee results?
We believe so deeply in this process that we are sharing with you inside the course. We have literally used this to attract millions of dollars, our dream home, our dream life. And we are giving you the exact blueprint. So we can’t exactly guarantee that you’ll watch the modules and do the work because that is on you… so just as a disclaimer we have to state that we do not guarantee specific results, and results of all students may not be typical.
Cool! Email us at and we’ll get you sorted!

i’m ready!

By purchasing you agree to our terms and conditions

Lots of love,

Naveed & Sonika

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