I used to be afraid of overflow because I didn’t think I could handle it.

I used to wonder how I would handle an overflow of clients. Overflow of money.

Overflowing inbox.

I held onto a belief for so long that we’re just two people, and if we open those gates we won’t be able to give the value that we would so love to give.

What would people think if we don’t have time to reply?

What would I even do with an overflow of abundance?

Today, I know I get to be supported.

Today I know I can be supported in every aspect of my life and business.

I get to be.

Overflow is my birthright.

I welcome the overflowing inboxes. I welcome the abundance. I call in the clients with my energy.

I don’t complain if I end up with two of the same thing. Ever. It’s more evidence of abundance.

Release the resistance around overflow. The gates will open.

Sonika x

Lots of love,

Sonika Asif