Find the light on a rainy day….

You’ve been told that there’s a new way of manifestation. To create the life you desire.

It no longer involves hard work on the outside. It involves you enjoying your life so that you don’t overthink your goal and cause a block in the flow.

And while this is true, there’s still some sort of elephant in the room that you can’t shake yourself free from.

Now, all of a sudden, you’re TRYING so hard to NOT focus on the goal or you might screw it up.

You’re trying to enjoy your life being present, slapping on a fake smile, thinking that if you justttt control your mind for this one hour, your result will magically appear, because omg you were so detached.

I know.

This constant need to prove to the universe that you have a life beyond wanting money, and you’re following all the rules – it’s exhausting.

Or worse, trying to Facebook and Instastory the crap out of our lives so it looks like we are more than money and business.

But you know what you’re thinking when that bill comes. You know what you’re thinking when you think of taking a trip, and your perceived reality comes in front of you going “You shall not pass.” And you listen.

Frankly we can’t fool the universe, it can read our deepest thoughts.

So what’s the solution here.

It’s a pretty simple one. But it’s also hard if you’re not willing to let go.

It’s not money you want more of. That’s just the goal. You want experiences.

Experiences are what feed your soul. It’s what your spirit even entered into this 3D world for. But instead you’re so damn focused on the money that you forget to enjoy ANY experience.

Going to the grocery store: “Damn I still haven’t paid that bill.”

Going to the bank: “Crap I won’t have much cash left maybe I should follow up with that client (so I can sound desperate and clingy.)

Going to a family event: “I could be home right now, I just want to leave because I need to get back to work.”

Right, because you TOTALLY believe you deserve wealth thinking that way.

Listen I know. I know exactly what this is. I know what it feels like. I know the damn tug of war that happens.

But I also know that UNTIL you don’t start doing the things you want to do NOW, you cannot SET yourself up for a better future.

You’ve been stubbornly deciding not to go shopping until you achieve that perfect body.

Or you won’t take that trip until you find the perfect man/woman.

Or you won’t take time off until you earn more money.

You are literally screaming to the universe: “I DONT HAVE ENOUGH”.

You could be experiencing such amazing moments WITHOUT those physical things – how?

Because those things come from WITHIN YOU.

you get to CHOOSE to feel whole, regardless of what’s missing, because what is THERE is more important.

Are you telling me, that just because you don’t have money, you can’t spend some time watching a movie that makes you laugh your butt off, and totally throw yourself into it?

Since when do we all need a lesson on how to live life happily?

It’s so crazy to me how this concept has become so foreign.

The days that every moment was sacred and special, we’re so beautiful.

Nothing more was needed to make that day the best day ever, except your love for life.

If you DO this… if you step back towards that old you again, and don’t limit having FUN to having MONEY/Perfect Body/Relationship etc etc… everything changes.

And you won’t even care, because life is so damn amazing anyway.

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