Today was a new day for me. Today was a day that I let loose, and let go, and stepped away from it all.

Today i let my mind travel to the future – the future you are likely not even allowing yourself to think about.

The one that seems so far away that you don’t think you can get to for a longggg time – that future.

And as I stepped into my meditation today, I went in with the intention of completely jumping timelines. That means, getting totally rid of any residual fears/anxiety within me.

I asked for this to be clear once I completed my daily hour-long meditation of literally become no one, no thing, in no place, in no time.

I went into the meditation…. and I cried. I cried and I cried and I cried, like I have never cried before.

I found the source energy of everything. I found that intelligent love that powers the universe. The same intelligent love that you’re made of, that I’m made of, the one that everything was created from.

I realized I can’t get in touch with this love unless I shed my identity – because the old me isn’t allowed in this realm. So I shed. I dropped my personality, who I thought I was, and I went in as pure consciousness.

The doors opened. And once I was very aware that I was nothing but pure consciousness, I implanted my intention into this field. I asked for what I wanted, and then proceeded to feel the insane gratitude for having it.

All of a sudden, a movie started playing in my head. It whipped past in quick images. And as I looked closer, I saw my future self. I was very aware that I was seeing my future self.

And then I realized again, that I was pure consciousness watching my future self, so I realized I could read my future self’s thoughts. how cool would that be?

So I tune in, and I felt these deep warm sense of gratitude and accomplishment. My future self was… happy.

Insanely happy.

Free. In love with life.

Abundant beyond belief that she was able to literally grant wishes.

And in that instant, I knew what I was put on this planet to do. Grant wishes. Be so filled to the brim with love that I could instantly manifest and grant wishes for anyone in need.

To transform lives with my power.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks: Why the hell are people waiting so long, or waiting for something to happen, before they go ahead and live out their purpose?

Why am I waiting so long?

Everyone is waiting for more money, or waiting for more time, or waiting for things to “fall in place” before going after the ultimate goal and purpose they desire.

The answer isn’t out there. Your purpose IS your answer. It IS your next best move.

My next best move.

When I came out of this meditative state, I had a fire burning in me like never before. I just knew, that I had in a sense opened my eyes in a new world.

My environment LOOKED the same – but I knew my world was different.

And I know, that just with that one experience, I had pulled my future SO much closer to me in one hour, than I ever had before.

If there’s something you know you desire, something you want to see manifest in your life, let’s work together.

Let’s access that unified field, plant your desire in it without ANY 3D world distractions, so the universe can FINALLY reflect back to you what you WANT instead of what you don’t want.

Let’s do the damn thing together –>

Message me if you need to chat

Lots of love,

Sonika Asif