Do we really need the big show? The massive following? The crazy likes and comments?

Is that really a part of being able to attract thousands of clients?

Not necessarily.

This is something that kept me stuck for a long time. I always thought that if I was going to hit big goals then I needed a huge, loud circus to follow.

Getting a hundred clients without thousands of followers and likes? Without hundreds watching my videos and lives? A big following and fan base HAS to be a part of the deal if I want more clients right?


Some people love the big show, don’t get me wrong. And if it’s something they love then it WORKS for them.

I forced myself to love the big show for a long time because I thought it was required.

I thought I HAD to do livestreams. I HAD to show you my face constantly for you to have faith that I knew my stuff. I thought I had to send you emails everyday.

I don’t. I don’t have to do anything to make anyone think any greater of me.

There’s something you might not realize about me: I am SUPER ANTISOCIAL.

You couldn’t get me to participate in group programs if you tried. I absorb the knowledge in the background. I quietly build my million dollars. I take time off and spend time on my relationship. I take vacations and tune out completely.

I don’t share my mind much – but I do share my heart – in as beautiful words as I can find.

I don’t tell you about my dogs, or my relationships, or any of that stuff, because I am a major introvert. If you ask me about it I probably would.

My clients will also tell you that there is a very deep understanding between us – they know i’m silently there for them. Cheering them on. When they reach out, they have my 100% energy and attention.

I repeat: You don’t HAVE to be an extrovert. You don’t HAVE to be social. You don’t HAVE to be a celebrity, or be featured in different places to feel worthy of more clients.

I am here to stand for one thing: Anyone can win. Anyone can succeed. And you don’t have to change ANYTHING about yourself that you don’t like, to win. Never.

But you CAN change the things you don’t like. You can charge more if you want to. You get to. You can sell to less people for more money. You can quit that job if it’s not right for you. You can CHOOSE to become more social if it’s your DESIRE.

Nothing is set in stone. The beautiful part is – when you come and work closely with us, you will NEVER do ANYTHING you don’t want to do. I don’t care if someone told you you have to be closing sales calls daily. If you don’t want to – you don’t have to.

Because money has nothing to do with this. Money is an energetic result of getting closer and closer to who you are.

I have chosen freedom. I have chosen ease. I have chosen flow. I have chosen to receive massive amounts of money without most of the world even watching me do it – because I don’t like the attention.

When I was younger, you would only find my nose in a book. I used to look out at this 3D world and tell myself “There HAS to be more than this. There has to be more magic than this. This can’t be it.”

And I was right. Magic exists. And if I can get you to believe this, you have no idea how beautiful your life is about to become.

We want to take you on a magical abundant journey. One where you’re ACTUALLY living the life you want now, not waiting to live it “once you earn.”

That means we’re going to dump the old way of doing things once and for all. It means we’re going to break the energetic bonds with the old patterns in your life, and call back your energy so we can build a brand new destiny – one that you love.

We’re going to earn more together, we’re going to fly higher, we’re going to shed our identity. Release this 3D world, and adopt a new way of living, where your result comes from alignment, ease and flow vs. hard work, marketing, and sales.

Imagine this: I used to think it mattered WHEN i posted my heartfelt message so most people would see it. I used to think it mattered if I tune out to go meditate, because then I won’t make sales (how could i without being infront of a computer? Psh.)

There are so so so so many more limitations I have recently discovered. I’m shedding them one by one. I am looking ahead at an even brighter future – and I’m never looking back.

This shedding process and new results will take you a very very short time, with the way we do it – but we’re still there with you for three whole months.

–> 3 months
–> 6 private coaching calls
–> 3 meditation group calls
–> Free Access to The Money Mastermind
–> All mastermind bonuses (Including our Evolve Into Abundance course + Our Thinking Into Results course + so much more)

Today I declare that my energy gets to be enough to bring you results. Today I declare to channel the Universe through me to create massive change in your life.

5 spots are open.

Investment –> One payment of $15k

Your world is about to change.

Welcome to Supernatural Overflow.

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Lots of love,

Sonika Asif