Here’s why we think we need to work hard (It’s not what you think.)


Yes, we’ve been conditioned to do it that way. Yes we’ve got the genes of our grandparents/parents etc who did it that way. And yes going to school didn’t exactly make it easier.


BUT… today, you know better right? You know it doesn’t have to be that hard.


But somehow, you still end up doing so so so much… giving giving giving… and seeing very little return.

Here’s the reason: You haven’t been letting your work hold it’s own energetic space.

Everything you do: email, sales call, livestream, Facebook post, instagram post, etc etc…. has it’s own energetic space.

That energetic space is a shadow of the energy you had while you were doing that specific task.

And you’ve been thinking that once you’re done with that task, that’s it – it doesn’t have any energetic space anymore. Or maybe it does for a day or two. So you believe you need hustle again. And create even more content. And do even more, until you’re exhausted.

Here’s the truth: Every single action you take, holds that energetic space FOR ETERNITY. That’s right. That energetic space never goes away.

It becomes a snapshot or photograph in space, locked into a certain frequency for eternity.

Which means, that even YEARS later, that old YouTube video you created could be seen by someone hovering around that frequency – and that could result in your biggest sale.

So, everytime you do anything, make sure your energy is behind it. And know, that what you just created will hold an energetic space for you, even when you finish and walk away.

Creating content/putting yourself out there in a big way isn’t a skill. It’s just a desire to express yourself even more.

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