Why you keep mistaking comfort for the idea that “you don’t need to do this next big thing right now.”

Your body has been conditioned for a long long time. Years and years of the same emotional reactions to people, your bills, clients, etc.

Overtime your body became conditioned to respond to your environment a certain way, therefore producing the same result over and over.

Your mind is no longer in control here. Your body is just going. Even though your mind knows better, the body is conditioned.

One day you stand up and say you’re going to change. You’re going to go bigger and create more abundance.

Your body goes “are you kidding? You’ve been the same way for years. I’m already conditioned to live this way.”

This is where your body will TRY to move you back to the familiar.

When opportunities show up, your body is TRYING HARD to not let you take the next step because it’s going against its old ways.

So when you think of NOT taking the next step, it feels “good”. It actually doesn’t feel good. It feels familiar.

Too many people mistake that for intuition.

If there’s something in front of you that you WANT to do, you HAVE to move forward even if your body feels uncomfortable.

Your body will begin to recondition itself – it has to – that’s how it will survive.

Watch our vlog below on how to pass the Universe’s initiation and recondition yourself!!


Lots of love,

Naveed Asif