Let’s talk about that thing no one wants to talk about.

Let’s talk about resistance.

The reason why you DON’T want money to enter your account. The reason why money doesn’t show up for something you want to pay for.

It’s always being kept away from you because there is a particular resistance you have towards receiving.

There are four major resistances that we’ve seen:

1. Resistance to asking for money – this is the most common one. This happens when you have some deep rooted belief that asking for money is selfish. Constant selling is selfish and annoying. You’re wondering where you can deliver enough to make it worth the price. You wonder if the person can afford it. You’re trying your hardest to sweet talk your clients, over deliver for them, just so they pay you. And usually, in this phase, you’re thinking about your bills. Clean up those beliefs. Journal them out. Replace them with something more empowering.

2. Resistance to receiving – yikes. This is quite a transformation we see in people – but for the wrong reasons. They have now received the money, but they are uncomfortable AF. They are HOPING the person won’t ask them for a refund. HOPING they won’t wake up to scary email that the person wants to back out. They transform their entire personality hoping that would make the investment worthy. (Haha we hit the nail on the head with this one didn’t we? We’ve been there). You know what we’re talking about. Those sales people that go from monsters to doughnuts in a matter of one credit card swipe. Listen. Your clients paid you because they liked YOU. Resonated with YOU. You don’t need to change.

3. Resisting momentum – this is a very subtle one. You got that first client or two. You did it. You overcame the barriers of sales and you did it. But then momentum dies. All of a sudden you’re not selling anymore and you don’t know why. Here’s what happened. Instead of keeping your focus on your big goal income, you put your eye on the 1-2 sales that you received… and then you stayed there. You narrowed your focus again. And you lost touch with that infinite power that was starting to fuel your sales. So the momentum stopped because now you’re only focusing on those first few sales, instead of keeping your eye on the big numbers. Widen your focus back up, and it will pick up again.

4. Resisting payments – this one is scary AF. You’re earning money now… and you’re ready to make your next level investment. And you need to manifest the money for it. If you had zero resistance to the thing you want to pay for, the money would also show up ASAP. Ofcourse it would, because it’s a straight road to you. BUT, if for whatever reason, you’re seeing it take time, it’s because there is something you’re resisting about the thing you want to pay for. So you get to sit down, think about what you’re resisting about that payment/investment, and shift shift shift your energy to a place that makes you FEEL GOOD spending or investing it on this thing.

So. There you go. You have NO reason to not be able to receive money. If you’re seeing a kink in the flow don’t sit around and wait for it to solve itself. Do the journaling, shift the vibration, do the inside work. Do it before the wrong kind of momentum picks up.

There’s no time like the present.

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Lots of love,

Naveed & Sonika Asif