There is a lesson to be learned in every phase of our life. There is a lesson from my life which I am sharing with you today that can change your perception towards things completely.

Back in 2012, my whole world flipped because of one question that was I was asked. I’m about to share with you one of the greatest impact that took place in my life!

In 2012, there was a family dispute taking place and it caused a whole bunch of mess and drama in my life. I grew up in a huge house, joint-family of 9 people all living in the same house. I grew extremely close with my cousins. And then a time came where all the family members decided to split their assets to receive their rightful inheritance. However, there were disagreements amongst each other which caused the families to split completely.

At that point of my life, I felt like I was losing control of my life. I was asked to agree on certain terms by my family and I felt I was being asked to choose sides. It was causing my relationship with everyone to go down south. Lots of misunderstanding and some more drama. So my cousin introduced me to a 3-day personal development event called the Landmark Forum. And It had apparently proven to help many people regain their power back. So I decided I’d give it a shot!

I knew my parents would never approve because their perception of it was that it’s “cultish”. And I was dead scared to tell them I wanted enroll into the course. So I acted like a typical scared 22-year-old and LIED to them. I told them I was attending a 3 day leadership program, which they easily approved without questions.

On my first day being at the event, I decided that I wanted to get everything I could out of the course. So I volunteered to share my reason of being there in the program and what I wanted to get out of the course. My coach at the forum, named Angelo, an Italian American, was apparently one of the best at his job. He was having a conversation with me in front of the whole class about authenticity and that’s when I ended up telling everyone that I had lied to my parents to be there at the forum. So Angelo decided to give me a challenge to have my first break-through result. He said, “Naveed, I am inviting you to call your dad on the break and tell him where you really are and why you lied to him.” Sounds pretty simple right? Everything in me wanted to call my parents and tell them, BELIEVE me…but somehow I just couldn’t.


That night I couldn’t even sleep because I realized how I was short selling myself by not doing what my coach had asked me to do. And I knew If I didn’t break out of this, I would remain in the same situation as before. The next day I got up in front of the class and told them I still hadn’t made that call; and again, Angelo invited me to make the call during our lunch break. Later that day, I still didn’t budge, and it was eating me alive every second that was passing by.

Now came a moment where my life flipped 360 degrees. I walked up to Angelo and told him I was seriously stuck. I couldn’t get myself to make a simple phone call. He asked me why and I told him because I was scared as hell that my dad would take away my belongings, my money, credit card, and everything he had given me. Then he asked me, “well so what?” I asked Angelo back, “how will I pay for anything if it’s all taken away from me?”. He looked at me and said, “we always have two choices in life, one takes you on the road to freedom and living life powerfully, and the other takes you on the road to living a suppressed fearful life. You’ve got to make a choice. Do you want to live life with freedom or do you want to live your life like a prostitute?

My jaws dropped and that hit me harder than walking through a brick wall. Fear was in complete control of me and I knew that was the day I had break out of it no matter what it would cost. I knew it would cost me more not to take on Angelo’s invitation. That moment I was willing to give it all away just to be free and live freely.

I went home that night and spoke to my parents and told them the truth about lying and that from that moment forward I wanted to be real and honest with them about everything. The outcome of that conversation lead to me having a phenomenal relationship with them and that’s when I regained my power back. I was walking around feeling like a million bucks!

I’d learned that I could either do things in suppression just to gain temporary satisfactions and gain “fake approvals” or I could do things with freedom where the only approval matters is mine and I get to have long term satisfaction.

Never settle for what you want because you deserve to have whatever you ask for. When you live freely, ironically that’s when the way is always shown to you.

Lots of love,

Naveed Asif