Soooo… we randomly woke up one morning and decided we wanted to put our million dollar penthouse on rent….so we could find a land and build our dream home…

One with a big kitchen because we’re obsessed with cooking anything…

A big yard because our dogs will finally expend all their energy and not drive us crazy…

A swimming pool, a gazebo, you name it.

And we thought to ourselves “yeah we’re in no rush, we’ll take our time, go look at a couple empty lands, keep imagining ourselves there, and know that no matter what, the perfect land will show up.”

Cool – so we got to work on manifestation.

We started researching images of the home we wanted, we started to print out photos of everything, and we kept exploring the feeling of being in our dream home.

Now here’s the irony – the universe doesn’t care if you want it slow or fast.

Why? Because it doesn’t need to CREATE anything!

It has it all, swimming around on different frequencies just waiting to hand it to you.

It’s just waiting for you, to get on the right frequency, and stay there long enough so it can bring it to you.

Okay so back to the story – yesterday, we went to look at a plot of land, and we barely stepped in there, when spirit chimed in our heads going “THIS IS IT! TAKE IT!”

The Universe had NO intention to let us wallow around wasting our energy looking at lands… it threw the perfect one at us RIGHT AWAY.

And because we were aligned, we said yes. Deposit down, sold.

And now, we’re saying we’re going to take our time and relax into building our dream home – but the Universe probably won’t let us do that either ??

So the lesson in this? Don’t worry about the time frame. It’s already yours. it already exists. Just GET into alignment and stop worrying about when it will show up!

Lots of love,

Naveed & Sonika