They said you had to work harder for it.

They said you had to “Hustle” – whatever that means.

They said sweat = income.

By the way, all of that sounds horrible.

We’re pretty sure, this Universe wasn’t built with a law that said “The more they slog, and get exhausted, and expend their energy, the more money we’ll give them.”

However, the Universe WAS built with a law that says “They attract EXACTLY what they believe they can have. Nothing more, nothing less.”

So let’s play with a new vibration for a second.

Try this on: The more I step away from my business the more money I earn.

How does that feel?

How about: “The more relaxed I am, the more money flows into my life.”

Are you feeling any resistance come up for you? Are you starting to get aware of what your beliefs are surrounding Easy money manifestation?

We’ve got an amazing video for you: RELAX Your Way To Your Goals!

Watch this video below!

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